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Choosing the right iPad stand

Selecting the Right Stand for a Perfect Display

With the constant rise in consumer engagements, companies and brands are always investing huge budgets in creating digital content and, in turn, connecting to their customers at the click of the button. That’s why it’s important for cooperates and individuals to invest in a secure tablet and iPad stand since it comes in handy when you are working in the office or at home.

Here are some of the common stands you can take advantage of:

S3 Security stands (iLounge)

With the S3 security stand, you can easily position your iPad in different positions or locations at your convenience. What’s more, it’s possible to curl this secure tablet and Jacloc ipad stand on your couch. It’s a perfect companion for your lap too. It can also conform to a lot of surfaces, and the vibration is dampening which makes it a superb choice for vehicle use and screen typers. It’s also versatile, which means that you can quickly pack and use it wherever you go. The fact that it can be logo customized makes it a perfect choice for business to business or business to consumer solutions.

Adjustable security stand

For those who are looking to get a secure tablet and iPad stand for point of sale, the adjustable security stand will come in handy. In most cases, this secure tablet and iPad stand is used in government agencies, hospitals, hotel chains, restaurants, airlines, and customer interfaces. The stand is a great choice given its maximum stability with attractive styling.

The security flex arm

This is one of the most exciting secure tablet and iPad stand product line that has continued to provide security for tablets and iPads. It’s a great accessory since it’s strong and its modular arm makes it multifunctional. All you got to do is twist the secure tablet and iPad stand to get a perfect viewing angle.

The enclosure kiosk

One of the greatest advantages of this secure tablet and iPad stand is that it provides optimum protection since it comes with an all in one wall mount and counters top bracket. It’s ideal for retail point of sale, corporate, and education environments. Also, there is no need for a cable lock for this stand design since it can be mounted on any chased surface.

The 360 executive business stand

This secure tablet and iPad stand combine all the benefits of a new security lock and enclosure with a counter top bracket. It makes a great accessory since it can be swiveled and rotated and also enables extensions for different extensions such as scanners and barcodes.

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